Places of note

Leeds Bus Station bears a red plaque (a very rare item) commemorating Tom Maguire. It was unveiled by the Society on the centenary of his death.

The Working Class Library in Salford is a collection of English language books, periodicals, pamphlets, archives and artefacts, concerned with the activities, expression and enquiries of the labour movement, its allies and its enemies, since the late 1700s.

The Brotherton Library, University of Leeds. Among many other things, the Special Collection holds the Mattison Collection; Alf Mattison was a socialist jackdaw who collected a huge quantity of political material that cannot be found elsewhere.

The Women's (formerly Fawcett) Library, Jewry St., London EC3N (part of London's Guildhall University). Millicent Fawcett was a very active suffragist and ally of the Leeds Ford sisters. The library houses material on the women's movement from 1600 onward, with many rare books and pamphlets.

The Leeds Local History Library (in the main library building on the Headrow). The Library contains a magnificent collection of materials from newspapers to census records. The staff are highly knowledgeable and very helpful.

The People's History Museum, Left Bank, Bridge Street, Manchester, M3 3ER. Fascinating

The West Yorkshire Archive, Sheepscar, Leeds, tel. 2628339. The Archive contains a great deal of interest, not all of it catalogued under "politics". Access is by appointment.