The Spartacus web site carries a lot of references to trade unionism and suffragism, among other things.

A Letter from Leeds Cloth Merchants, 1791 describes mechansitaion of the cotton industry.

Society for the Study of Labour History, the UK's principal organisation dedicated to the study of labour history.

The Edward Carpenter forum has interests in Carpenter's times in Leeds.

Votes for Women - a group dedicated to researching and recreating Women's History in the early 20th Century.

The Communist Party maintains its own history very thoroughly, with a lot of relevant material.

Graham Stephenson provides a host of CP biographies, and similar materials.

1914 NFPB Pamphlet 'What Shall We Do'? In 1913 Northern Friends Peace Board was established by Quakers in the North to promote Peace 'in all it's height and breadth'