Some documents held by the Society

Some information on Riots in Leeds.

A walk around Morley.

1786: A clothworkers petition.

1811/12: A Luddite anthem - the reference to Great Enoch is to a hammer that was used to smash machinery.

1820: Coffee p1, p2, p3 from the Leeds Mercury for June 1820; whilst not about Leeds directly, it highlights one of the Radical tactics in avoiding paying taxes to support the Government, and was a widely adopted tactic.

1830s/40s: James Watson - A Memoir ... .

1830s/40s: Chartism among females.

1838: The Northern Political Union.

1839: An Easter Chartist meeting held in East Leeds.

1840: The Total Abstinence Charter Association.

1843: Election of Chartists to Leeds Corporation.

1845: Election of Chartists in Leeds.

1868: Trade Union branches in Leeds.

1882: Trade Union branches in Leeds.

1918: Call for a Labour Party: part of a series of articles looking at the early history of the socialist movement in Leeds, taken from the leeds Weekly Citizen.

1981: The Denis Healey Song. At this time, Denis - for many years the Leeds East MP - was not the darling of the left.

1988: A review by John Archer of Dulcie Yelland, 1907-1987: A Socialist of Our Times by Charles Yelland. Published in Revolutionary History 2(1), 1988.

20th Century: Some information on Communism in Leeds.
A short biography of J D Mack, a Leeds C.P. member. Graham Stephenson provides a host of other biographies, and similar materials.