The Ford-Maguire society of Leeds studies and organises events around the socialist, feminist and radical history of Leeds. It was formed in 1994.

It is named after Isabella Ford and Tom Maguire, two notable Leeds socialist pioneers.

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Dear friends,

In the 1880s the radicals in Leeds used to gather in Angel pub off Briggate to toast Tom Paine's memory on his birthday, the 29 January. For several years the Ford-Maguire Society has tried to copy this event without much success.
However this year we have booked Fairuz's Lebanese restaurant for the 29th January from 6pm. There will be a buffet with a wide variety of tasty Lebanese dishes including several vegan dishes plus a meat dish. The cost will be 15.
Trevor Griffiths the well known playwright and scriptwriter has agreed to be our guest of honour. Trevor has written a brilliant and successful play about Tom Paine which was performed at the Globe Theater.
At the end of the meal we will toast Tom Paine. And perhaps some of us will go on to the Angel for further toasts.
Please, please could you email me or (particularly between the 6-21 January as I will be out of Leeds) Shaun if you are coming. We need to do this for the numbers for the buffet.
This promises to be a great evening.

See you there.

Garth Frankland
Ford-Maguire Society
0797 1933 512

Fairuz Restuarant

Fairfax House

Merrion Street

Leeds LS2 8JU